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Liver Team

The Transplant Team is a group of healthcare professionals who are here to assist you before and after your transplant. However, the most important part of the team is YOU. The success of your transplant is directly related to your compliance with the medications, clinic visits, and adherence to the rules set up by the Transplant Team. You must maintain a nutritious diet and keep a routine exercise program tailored to your physical abilities. Receiving a liver transplant is a lifetime commitment.

Our team includes doctors, surgeons, nurse coordinators, social workers, pharmacists, and a dietitian. To meet our team, click below:

Liver Transplant Doctors - Gastroenterologists/Hepatologists

On your first appointment you will meet with one of our Transplant Gastroenterologists who will determine your candidacy for transplant, review your transplant evaluation and determine if you will be presented before the Transplant Committee. Our Transplant Gastroenterologists will also monitor your care before and after your liver transplant.

Liver Surgeons

At the end of your evaluation you will meet with one of our Liver Surgeons. This is one of many surgeons that may perform your surgery and follow you during your immediate post-transplant period. In addition to liver transplants, our Liver Surgeons also perform many other types of liver surgery, including liver resections, TIPS, bile duct repair, the Whipple procedure, and much more.

For information about all of our Services, please call 210-567-5777 or toll free 1-888-336-9633.