"I wanted my friend to be healthy again also."

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Patient Stories

"I wanted my friend to be healthy again also."

David Nesenholtz, Living Kidney Donor, 2008 and

Harry McAdams, Living Donor Kidney Recipient, 2008

David Nesenholtz Living Kidney Donor & Harry McAdams Kidney Recipient, 2008

"When my best friend told me that his kidneys were failing, in ten to fifteen seconds (literally) I made the decision and told him that I would be his kidney donor. I made this commitment because of our friendship, not because I had done the research and evaluated the options and come to the conclusion that this would be a reasonable and effective thing to do. Indeed, only after I had made the commitment to him did I research kidney donation (i.e., what the procedure is, what individual experiences have been, how long recovery takes, and so forth). As with most people, I was generally familiar with the concept of kidney donation, but I did not know what was involved or have any information about the details. Because of this subsequent research, I came to the conclusion that what I had committed myself to do (i.e., to be a kidney donor for my friend) stood not to have any particular risks or dislocations, and to be an excellent idea, after all.  I had volunteered to be a kidney donor for my friend because I considered myself to be healthy and strong, and wanted my friend to be healthy again, also. In the ensuing months of “qualifying” to be a donor (based on the medical standards of the Kidney Donation Program at University Transplant Center) I went through extensive medical tests, during which I discovered a few health issues that needed to be addressed. These issues were addressed, and the kidney donation was successful on May 29, 2008. I was up and walking within a day, out of the hospital within three days, and back at work within a week. I never had any negative side effects. It is now eight months later. I am healthier than before I joined the kidney donor program. And, as for my friend, he is healthier and happier than he’s been in many years!"