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“Gregory holds his mother’s heart and now her kidney too”

Margie Gutierrez, Living Kidney Donor, 2014

University Transplant Center’s Information Systems Director Margie Gutierrez, without hesitation, made the noble decision to become a prospective living kidney donor on November 24, 2013.  Two days prior to this date, Margie’s son Gregory was intubated in the Emergency Room to assist with what physicians thought was pneumonia.  Much to her dismay, Margie’s son was experiencing fluid overload from renal failure caused by a disease he did not know he had, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS).  Dr. Dan Riley, transplant nephrologist, came to Margie’s aid and also had her three younger sons tested for FSGS.  All three came out clear! Although the following months were filled with worry and thoughts of the future of her first born, Margie managed to remain composed and continued to work hard for our center.

Gregory holds his mother’s heart and now her kidney too! On March 13, 2014, Margie and Gregory underwent transplant surgery and are recovering well.

Margie felt like everything happened so quickly.  It was an emotional experience but one with the support of a team she felt confident in.  “I know mechanically what we do, clinically what we do, and now I know it personally, too. I expected the worst, but my pain was managed very well and recovery time was short… the inpatient staff is amazing!” 

Margie is extremely grateful to have been able to donate a kidney to her son and thankful to the transplant team for making it possible.

Gregory and Margie Gutierrez, Living Kidney Donor, 2014 smile together as mother and son