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“Honoring our Heroes”

Dot Delarosa, Lung Recipient, 2010

25th Annual Tree Planting Ceremony Invocation
by Pastor Dot Delarosa
Lung Recipient, 2010

Dear Heavenly Father,

We ask for Your blessing in recognizing and honoring those that have given the gift of life and their families. The act of sacrifice is one that You have perfected and yet we find ourselves in awe of those that have followed in Your footsteps. For we strive to one day be selfless, to give the ultimate gift of love and even to be generous in some way.

We read about the sacrifice that You did for us by offering Your only Son. It must have been so sad for You to see Your only Son die and yet necessary to give life to so many. There are just too many things that we cannot understand and yet we read in Your scripture that love believes all things, love hopes all things, love bears all things, love never fails. That is why we honor those that have done so with their lives. We know that death cannot suspend our love for those that have passed. Difficult and devastatingly hard as it may be, love is eternal. And we honor and thank the lives of our donors and thank their families for their support.

We find ourselves asking for Your blessing and grace upon us. We ask for You to somehow comfort and give strength upon all our families and friends.

We don't know how to understand how we got here but we know we are here today not to revisit the pain, the anger, the frustration and the sorrow that death brings, but to never forget our loved ones, our donors and what heroes we have amongst us. We thank and honor those lives that have given so many a second, a third or a fourth chance at life.

We honor our donors by planting this tree although futile as it may seem and cannot by any means make up for the loss that is suffered, or the separation that death brings, but to let them know they are NOT FORGOTTEN. They are not forgotten now and never will be. For this tree, this most anointed and precious tree will live on forever just as our loved ones and donors live on in us and in our hearts.

If we could but only emulate the compassion, the courage, the selflessness and the greatest gift ever transferable in this life, we too would honor our heroes with our lives. We pray that You would comfort and sustain our donor families. That they through the many lives that their loved ones have touched will encourage them and realize that their loved ones are not dead, but they live on in the lives they have touched and in my personal life today.

If they have lost a spouse, that they may see the life they gave another spouse. If they lost a child, that they will see the life of a parent with a child. If they lost a parent, that they may see the children of those parents. Or if they lost a grandchild, grandparent, niece, nephew, friend or neighbor, that they may see the lives of the ones now alive and ever present. I know that my Mother, Sister, and Grandmother are so thankful that I am alive today because of my organ donor. So my family and I have an endless gratitude and love for all donors and we salute them!

Please let them know that if we could convey one simple word, that that word would be Thank you. If we could express one single act it would be the longest hug ever. For words seem to be so empty when grief and sorrow are so overwhelming and constant.

And if we could show a sign without saying a word, it would be to plant a tree in our organ donors’ honor. And thus, we attempt to do so today.

And that is why we ask that this day April 12, 2014 that You would somehow someway help us to accomplish the act of honoring our Heroes.


Picture collage of Dot Delarosa, Lung Recipient, 2010, and her many supporters