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“I knew what I had to do, no question”

Pete Lucio, Living Liver Donor, 2010

Living donor liver transplantation emerged due to the widespread shortage of livers from deceased donors. The procedure requires only a piece of a healthy liver from a living person to be transplanted into a recipient. The piece of liver removed will then grow back in the donor and grow in the recipient, like skin. Living liver donors are a very select group of people. In 1997, University Transplant Center was the first, and continues to be the only, program in South Texas to perform living liver transplants.

On May 29, 2010 Pete Lucio became his son's hero! Here is his story.

“Our journey started in May of 2010 when my son Kamryn complained of a stomach ache. We went to the hospital and got the news that Kamryn was having acute liver failure and needed a liver transplant. After several livers came and went because they were not good enough for my son, I knew what I had to do, NO QUESTION. I had to be the liver donor! I gave my son a piece of my liver. He is doing great. I thank God for this! Every day is a gift of life for him. When he looks in the mirror and sees his scar, I tell him to be proud of that scar; it represents Gods grace and love.”

Help eliminate the shortage by spreading awareness!

Pete Lucio, Living Liver Donor, 2010 smiles with his son