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Patient Stories

"Life is good, thanks to my living donor."

Sherrie Clay, Living Donor Kidney Recipient, 2005 and

Kimberly Wyatt, Living Kidney Donor, 2005

Sherrie Clay, Kidney Recipient & Kimberly Wyatt, Living Kidney Donor, 2005

"I would like to say that if it wasn't for living donations many of us would not be here today because the transplant waiting list is so long.

I thank God for my cousin Kimberly Wyatt for having the courage to commit to such an awesome act of kindness and never once hesitate to go forward with it. Kimberly is a true blessings to me because she unselfishly gave me the gift of life.

Kimberly is my angel sent from above to save my life so that I can live a better, healthier, happier life with my family. Kimberly hasn't regretted it not one day and I can't thank her enough in my life time.

I'm no longer on high blood pressure medicine, and my overall health has improved since the transplant.

Life is good, thanks to my living donor, my cousin, Kimberly Wyatt."

Patient Stories